War On Wealth – A Primer (Introduction)


As a financial strategist and money coach, Leon is able to apply tried and tested systems and wealth strategies, which enable his students and clients to improve their financial and personal lives.


This is the first in a series of writings designed to inform, educate, and instruct you how to win this battle that you have unsuspectingly been drawn into. Obtaining Financial Independence and becoming Wealthy is simply the process of continually increasing the gap between the amount of money that comes in and the amount that goes out. It’s the amount that goes out that devastates most of us. In case you haven’t noticed, you are right smack in the middle of a war zone. Over the last century a stew of born , government inefficiencies and waste, continuing financial illiteracy, and greed (corporate and consumer) has been brewing and simmering to the point where the lid bursting from the top was all but inevitable. Well, we are at the point. At no other time in our young history (besides the Civil War) have we been in such a state. The difference with this war is the tactics used. Instead of guns the weapons of our enemies are , con artists and . Make no mistake about it, the assault on your Wealth is full and frontal. The emperor really doesn’t have any clothes.

The Assault Is Coming From All Sides:

Our Government – The weapons of choice used by our government are taxes, and lot’s of them as I wrote about in my post “the Accidental Philanthropist; but Uncle Sam, How many time Can You Tax The Same #$%@ Dollar?“. Income tax, dividend tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, income tax again on retirement plans, luxury taxes have been very effective at hammering us into submission. The falsehood is that these taxes by our government only affects the upper five percent of U.S. Taxpayers. Poppycock! Every single one of us is the target. These taxes have been sold to us by pitting us against each other so we couldn’t see what was really coming. Great military strategists have determined long ago that the way to conquer an enemy is to “Divide And Conquer”. The so called “War On The Rich” is just a camouflage designed to pit us against each other and keep you from really understanding what’s going on with our tax system. I will get off this point as this could easily be a 600 page book that would only begin to cover what needs to be talked about.

The Public’s Sense Of Entitlement – Lawsuits have become the weapon of choice for a people who have gotten to a point where the accountability, drive and work ethic has gone the way of the “Horse and Buggy”. As a mass we have contented ourselves with the belief system that “what is mine, is mine” and “what is yours, should be mine also if I need it”. If a family member comes into some fortune through hard work and opportunity we somehow believe that because we are somehow related orĀ  sometime in our life we bought the person a lunch, we are somehow entitled to a “piece Of the pie”. Heaven forbid, we go through a drive-thru, buy hot coffee and spill it in our laps. Let’s just sue, it’s a great way to get some extra seed capital for the new car. Oh! this hair in my food is appalling, that ought to be worth five grand, etc. And don’t think it’s just business’s and corporations that are getting the brunt of lawsuits. Have you had what you thought was a minor fender bender lately?

Corporate Greed – Because of business inefficiencies, mismanagement, and unsustainable business systems the weapon of choice for corporations is price inflation. Prices are rising too rapidly for the consumer to keep up, which in turn causes a domino-effect of a whole lot of other inefficiencies.This one is really simple. The “Law of Supply and Demand” could easily be instituted to keep prices and check. Remember, “Divide and Conquer”.

What To Expect

These series of posts is my attempt to let The Secret out” on knowledge, techniques, strategies, and truths that you will need to not only fight this war, but win it. I am going to teach you about closely guarded financing mechanisms, estate protection and , and protection strategies, and strategies that you will use to protect you and your family’s future.

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As a financial strategist and money coach, Leon is able to apply tried and tested systems and wealth strategies, which enable his students and clients to improve their financial and personal lives.