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Let’s Stop One Sided Retirement Planning

The Money In Your Mind – Why The Rich Keep Getting Richer Click Here! I would like to share with you a Guest Blog written for CNBC by Wendy Waugaman, President and CEO of American Equity Investment Life Holding Company. Click on the link below to access Wendy Waugaman’s CNBC Guest Blog.   Click here […]

War On Wealth – A Primer (Introduction)

War On Wealth Series This is the first in a series of writings designed to inform, educate, and instruct you how to win this battle that you have unsuspectingly been drawn into. Obtaining Financial Independence and becoming Wealthy is simply the process of continually increasing the gap between the amount of money that comes in […]

The War On Wealth Series

Be sure To Subscribe To Our Blog So You Do Not Miss Any Posts In The Series War On Wealth Series – A Primer (Introduction) The Accidental Philanthropist; but Uncle Sam! How Many Times Can You Tax The Same @#$% dollar? How Not To Turn $20 Into A $75,000 Disaster Maximizing The “Bank Of You […]

Being The “Bank of You”; How To Set Up Your Own Private Bank

War On Wealth Series – Asset Growth The Money In Your Mind – Why The Rich Keep Getting Richer Click Here! Not only is the average American unable to save money but there is a serious negative savings rate taking place that is piling up the debt owed in this country at a pace that […]


Life Insurance As An Estate Planning Tool

War On Wealth Series – Wealth Preservation Life Insurance policies are absolutely critical to an Estate Plan and is one of the first things that a Financial Planner will check when working on an Estate Plan. There are four critical areas of the Estate Planning process that make Life Insurance a crucial component to Estate […]