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U.S. Government Responsible for Massive Mortgage Rate Increase

War On Wealth Series – The congressionally mandated g-fee increases set to go into effect as of now, will artificially increase mortgage rates by more than 1/2 percent with some lenders. It will increase mortgage rates to some degree with all lenders. The Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) has mandated

What Are Key Features Of Simplified Employer Pension Plans (SEP) Plans?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a Simplified Employee Pension Plan, is a retirement plan specifically designed for small-business owners and self-employed individuals. These plans work even if you are the only employee, as the rules are the same.  Don’t Forget To Check Out “Maximizing The Bank Of You Concept”   Key features include:

What Are Simplified Employee Pension Plans?

Don’t Forget To Check Out “Maximizing The Bank Of You Concept” Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP), are retirement plans designed for small-business owners and slef-employed individuals. Employers can make tax-deductible contributions on behalf of their employees because the plan is based on an IRA. That means, if you are eligible, you will not pay taxes […]

What is a Rollover?

Don’t Forget To Check Out “Maximizing The Bank Of You Concept” No, I am not talking about what you spent the last year teaching your pet to do. The rollover that I am talking about is a procedure that the IRS designed that allows you to distribute or “roll over” assets from one retirement plan […]

What Retirement Plans May Be Available Through My Employer

If you are trying to figure out what retirement plans are available through your employer, keep in mind that Employer retirement plans and the tax laws that back them are very complex. Do not hesitate to seek outside help if you need help determining the best plan for you. Most plans fall into one of […]

Why Equity Indexed Annuities Are A Perfect Wealth Accumulation Vehicle

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Let’s Stop One Sided Retirement Planning

The Money In Your Mind – Why The Rich Keep Getting Richer Click Here! I would like to share with you a Guest Blog written for CNBC by Wendy Waugaman, President and CEO of American Equity Investment Life Holding Company. Click on the link below to access Wendy Waugaman’s CNBC Guest Blog.   Click here […]

Part II: Why You Should Start A Personal Business; The Nitty Gritty On Tax Advantages

War On Wealth Series – Taxes In my previous post “Why You Should Start A Personal Business”, I made the statement that obtaining Financial Independence and becoming Wealthy is simply the process of continually increasing the gap between the amount of money that comes in and the amount that goes out. The greater the gap […]


Market Down But Your Taxes Are Still High! This Is How To You Can Reduce Your Real Estate Taxes

War On Wealth Series – Taxes Taxes, taxes, taxes, we are taxed on everything. You paid a “whop” for the house, didn’t include escrows in your closing costs so you were able to come to the closing table with less money and now that $5,000 annual tax bill on that $400,000 purchase price is making […]


How Owning Real Estate Can Help Me Save On Taxes

There are several ways Real Estate can reduce the amount of tax you pay Uncle Sam? Here is a list of the most common methods to use as a tax saving tool and thus a Wealth Building and Wealth preservation tool.