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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Somebody Told A Lie!

  But, as we say here, a day of Black Independence, a Declaration of our Freedom and celebration of our Black Heritage. A Black Independence Day. This is is a much lesser known speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We here at Black Independence Day came across this clip, and were in tears, for […]

A Christmas Story Video – Merry Christmas

  A Christmas Story Retold – 2 Chritmas’s ago trip to Germany for Christmas. We started out on a monday trying to take a hop from Sacramento to San Francisco. Severe weather in most parts of the country other than the west coast had people sleeping in airports. Unfortunately it backed up air flights everywhere. […]

What A Real Amercian Looks Like – Happy Thanksgiving

2011 Is The Year Of Money

Experience this year (saw) we have four unusual dates: 1.1.11, 1.11.11, 01.11.11, 11.11.11. And that’s not all. Take the last two digits of your birth year, add the age to which you will reach this year, and the result will be 111 – for all!! This is the year of money! The coming October will […]

Strategist Falls In The Midst of Financial Turmoil

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I want to welcome you to the inaugural edition of “Leon on Dollars, Sense & Other Stuff”. This first post is essentially a welcome message, an insight and glimpse into what I intend to bring to the community, an apology upfront to unintentional babbling, and of course my heart felt gratitude in advance for you […]