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Best Kept Secret In The Home Business Arena – The Solavei Experience

We began with a simple idea: A single relationship has the power to make life better for many people. We saw the struggling economy, the prevalence of mobile technology, the impact of social networking, and the growing acceptance of social selling and connected the dots. What resulted was a company that helps you save and […]

Check Out 5 Surefire Ways To Slash Your Household Expenses

Are you shocked when seeing your household expenditures every month? The expenses seem to increase every month. If you are in this situation, try these 5 recommendations before your extra paid money will accumulate to a significant amount!

1. Recycle those junk letters.
Each month, you will probably received a dozen or more letters from direct mailing companies in your mailbox. Some of these letters are printed on one side only. Collect these letters and combined them i…


The Critical Flaw In Budgeting That Causes Most Budgets to Fail

Discusses the failure of most budgets to account for variable or irregular expenses. Explains the monthly averaging approach necessary to offset this problem.

All About Balancing A Budget And Saving Money

Your finances are your business. But unfortunately it seems like you need an accountant to help you understand and decode the mysteries of balancing a budget or saving money. At some point you might need to get a loan. When that day comes, this article can help you understand which is the right one to get.

An unsecured loan is simply a loan you get based on your good name and your credit rating. Often the interest rates are higher on an unsecured loan than on a secured loa…

Here Are 10 Tips To Improved Personal Budgeting

$Clip coupons. This is the single most important rule of personal budgeting. Why? Simply because a few minutes spent clipping coupons could end up saving you multiple dollars in the checkout line.

$Buy in bulk. If your favorite products are on sale, buying in bulk may cost you more at present but could end up saving you a lot in the future. Some good examples are items that do not have an expiration date, such as soap, shampoo, toiletries and other household items. Canned …

All About Forecasting the Future Value of Your Roth-IRA or Roth-401(k

Curious about how much money you’ll accumulate in your Roth-IRA or Roth-401(k)? Just use Microsoft Excel to calculate a pretty good estimate says author and CPA Stephen L. Nelson.

What An $82,000 Penalty Tag For Bad Credit Mortgage

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It is natural for people to ask for help when they are in trouble and it is within our nature to offer a hand when we can. What throws this natural human relationship off its kilter is our ego that impacts our decision as to when we ask for help and when to extend a hand.

We often wait until we are in serious trouble before we ask for help and by that time the kind of help we receive is very very expensive and sometimes too late. On the other hand when we offer a hand too …

How Do I Get Out Of Debt Fast?

There is the thought of “you should never get completely out of debt” and there is the thought that “you should get completely out of debt”, including your house. Whether you believe in one or the other I am going to give you some secrets on how to get out of debt in record time.


The 6 Steps That People Who Successfully Retire Have In Common

If I said it once, I said it a million times. If success is your goal you have to begin with a financial plan. These are the 6 steps that people who have successfully retired proactively took to guarantee the financial success of their retirement plan.

How Do I Use Insurance Deductibles To My Advantage?

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Learning how to take advantage of the proper use of insurance deductibles can help you turbo-charge your wealth building efforts.